Wool Bedding - Made in Canada

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The Wool Advantage

Many people don’t realize how much their bedding affects their sleep, and how easy and inexpensive it is to make changes that greatly improve the quality of their sleep.

We lose about two ounces of moisture an hour, and can lose up to a litre of moisture at night. Wool is the most hydrophilic of all natural fibres, absorbing as much as 30% of its weight without feeling wet to the touch. Wool is porous and permeable and will absorb and wick away the moisture released from the body, keeping you cozy in winters and cool in summer.


All our wool bedding is enclosed in wool duvets have an outer shell (typically made of cotton) and are filled with of double-carded wool that is evenly distributed. Because of the large sheet size of the wool, only minimal stitching is required to hold the wool in place, allowing the wool to maintain maximum loft. No wool actually comes in contact with your body, so wool duvets are perfectly comfortable, even to those with sensitivities.

 The Shell

With down duvets, the shell needs to be tightly woven to be down-proof, and this makes the fabric stiffer and less breathable. Since the wool in wool duvets cannot escape like down can, its shell can and should be much softer and more breathable. This helps maximize the performance of the wool and its moisture-absorbing properties, and the duvet will drape perfectly around your body like it is tucking you in.

The shell fabrics of the wool duvets we carry are all light and drapable, and include soft natural cotton and 100% organic cotton.

 The Fill

Our wool duvets use premium 100% hi-bulk British Virgin Wool that undergoes a special carding and manufacturing processes in Canada for maximum loft and insulation.

Our wool duvets have three weights: summer, regular, and winter. Since our homes tend to have very controlled environments, for many people, the summer weight is sufficient all year-round. Those who tend to run cooler, like to maintain a low temperature at night or leave the window open in the winter may prefer the regular or winter weights. At LinenWise, you can get a wool duvet that is customized for your needs!


In general, duvets benefit from being washed as little as possible, and the use of a duvet cover adds tremendously to preserving the life of a duvet by keeping it from needing to be washed. However, for those who feel they must have a machine-washable duvet, washable wool duvets are available.

Please note, however, that there are different processes by which wool can be made washable. Some processes use non-harmful chemicals, but others can use formaldehyde, which is a Category 1 Carcinogen. Be sure to know about what you are buying! All of our wool duvets are hypoallergenic and petrochemical free.

Nonwashable wool duvets can be taken to a professional cleaning service to be safely drycleaned. Wool duvets can also be freshened by being aired, ideally in sunlight.


Wool is a resilient natural fiber that lasts a long time! Take good care of it and it will last you many, many years.