Alpaca Wool Duvet
Alpaca Wool Duvet

Alpaca Wool Duvet

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Our Alpaca Wool Duvet is one of the finest duvet out there.

The duvet has breathable 100% Natural Cotton Cover and is filled with a 50%/50% blend of luxurious New Zealand Alpaca Fibres & Hi-Bulk, Double-Carded New Zealand Wool.

The silky, soft, and contouring alpaca fibres combine with wool’s proven therapeutic benefits and unique moisture control abilities to create a luxurious, lightweight duvet with unsurpassed comfort and warmth. The Hi-bulk wool ensures maximum loft, insulation, and comfort.

The filling and the outer shells are naturally Non-Allergenic, good for Year-Round Use and derives Maximum Health Benefits.

A soft, drapable percale cotton allows maximum breathability so the wool can wick away moisture for natural temperature control.

These duvets are dry clean only.The real need for dry cleaning does not arise for many years, as long as the duvet covers are washed regularly.

Limited quantities available. Sizes are: Queen, Double in Twin in Summer and Regular Weights. (King is sold out)

Made in Canada

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